3rd Semi-Annual Sizzler Run

(This is a letter to my former roommate, Katie Cutler, who is currently serving a mission in South Korea. She used to do this tradition with us every finals week, so I decided to write her a letter about it, and then post it on here.)

Dear Sister Cutler,

Forgive me for being an awful friend. I will try harder to write you more. How’s the mission going? I miss you, but I bet you’re having a grand time.

Well, it’s good ole’ finals week here in Provo. I’m surviving. I only have one more test to take, and then I’ll be free . . . for five more days until Spring Term starts. I’m actually pretty excited for the few days that I have off, and my classes in the Spring shouldn’t be too hard. How’s the weather in Korea? Is it sunny?

Anyway, we decided to carry on the tradition and go to Sizzler’s during finals week to get the 99-cent unlimited dessert bar. What a steal of a deal . . . apparently they realized that, though. Or maybe it was just the fiasco that we created last time. :)

Anyway, Stacy, Catie, and I went to Sizzler’s (and we were going to meet Keisha there), and we were waiting in line. Then a man came up to us and said, “What would you like?” We told him the unlimited dessert bar for 99 cents, and he said, “No you can’t do that. You have to buy a meal to do that.” And then I said, “Who do you think you are? I’ve been coming here  every finals week for 2 years, and you’ve never had a problem with it before, bud. I want my unlimited brownies, so make it happen.”

I wish I had said that, but that’s not really how it went down. I just stared at him and mumbled something like “no way” and then awkwardly tried to get out of the way so the next person could order, but he kept on pressuring us to make a decision. Apparently he could not see that our dreams had just been smashed and it was hard to choose. How inconside’ate, right? We finally decided to “take our business elsewhere”, so we went to Applebees instead.

 This is us waiting to get a booth. Keisha was working, so she came a bit late, but she made it. Do not fret! (Kennedy and Rachael couldn’t make it down.)

Before the above picture was taken, Stacy was awkwardly standing far away from us and said something like “what? where should I stand.” I told her to go stand by the door until the picture was taken, and the guy who was taking it for us said, “Wha? They be showin’ you no love? Oh no, you get yourself over there and get in the pic.” Haha seriously the way he said it was so funny. I wish I could’ve recorded it for you.

After Applebees we were still not satisfied (since we were so used to stuffing our faces with unlimited desserts . . . and those free rolls that one time. man, those were good! way better than the time we got the free toast.), so we went to Macey’s and got the 50 cent ice cream cones! Best deal ever! I got swirl because that’s definitely the best.

Anyway, I miss you!!! I wish I could hear this again-

*Katie bumps into Me

Katie: “Oops. Sorry.”

Me: “Oh, you’re fine.”

Katie: “Oh! Thanks!!!”

If I only had a dime for every time that I heard that Sophomore year. I miss it, though.


New Camera!

Our camera came in the mail a few days ago. This is what the beauty looks like-

Want to see the first picture taken?

Attractive, right? :)

Dream time, internship style!

“Revelation can also be given in a dream when there is an almost imperceptible transition from sleep to wakefulness.” Elder Richard G. Scott – April 2012 General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

As you can imagine, this quote stuck out to me while listening to General Conference a few weeks ago because I often have peculiar experiences when I sleep. Most of the time I wouldn’t consider them revelatory – dinosaurs chasing me, being shot at by terrorists and taking refuge in the bathtub, swatting at imaginary spiders above Rachel’s head with my pillow, and the list goes on. To quote Elder Scott again, “If you strive to capture the content immediately [from your dreams], you can record great detail, but otherwise it fades rapidly.” A few nights after conference I had a dream about my upcoming internship and took the chance to write down what I dreamed about when I woke up and the following story is from those notes. Enjoy

We were having an orientation at IM Flash and I was given the wonderful task of observing many of the departments and processes that occur there. How would I travel you ask? By foot, Segway, pogo stick, other? No my friends, I got to travel by a hand-held helicopter. Think of something with two handles attached to helicopter blades. I would hold on and zoom around the production floor, narrowly dodging pipes and other obstructions, as I went around talking with the full-time employees. After some time of flying around I saw a long hallway with a light in the distance and asked one of the full timers what was down the hallway. He said, “That’s the hallway to intern land.” It seemed to invite and call out to me, but unfortunately I awoke before visiting intern land.

Am I excited for my internship? Of course! Do I think it’ll be cool to work in the production facility of the leading manufacturer and innovator of NAND flash? Oh yeah. But am I disappointed that there won’t be any hand-held helicopters? Big time. Hopefully there will still be a sweet “intern land.”


You know how everything just gets better with time? Like cheese, salami, stories, and my meat loaf . . .? (Joking about that last one, but Kenneth has been raving about my meat loaf as of late.) Well, let me tell you, Kenneth and I are experts at owning antiques.

For example, take a look at this beauty-

Yes, that is an Ipod. In fact, a first generation Ipod. Haven’t seen this for a while, have you? Sometimes when I bust it out people pretend that it’s a dinosaur or something like that. I bought this used in 2006 for $100, and it still works like a champ!

The other gadgets that Kenneth and I own are a digital camera, a video camera, cell phones, and a GPS. Kenneth and I bought the cell phones (the cheapest ones) and everything else was given to us.

As you can see, we are very unexperienced when it comes to buying gadgets. Our digital camera is not working too well right now, so we are going to . . .


I’m super excited about this, but since we haven’t bought something like this before, any suggestions of what camera we should get?

April Fools

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on . . . you. That’s really how the saying goes, people. For April Fool’s Day, Kenneth did the same lame trick that he played on me last year.

When I went to sleep the night before, I thought, “Self, remember to check for a rubberband tomorrow.” Obviously, I forgot to do that.

I tried pulling a joke on him, too. First, I told him it snowed, and he totally fell for it (even though he pretended like he didn’t), and then I also put salt on his toothbrush. Unfortunately he noticed it. (Tip: Just sprinkle the salt on. I dipped the toothbrush into salt, and I soon realized that was a bad decision.)

We called my parents to try to play an April Fool’s joke on them. We were speaking to my dad, and we asked him if he thought we could make my mom believe that we were pregnant. He said, “Usually you could, but I played that one on her last night. Just so you know, it worked great.”

Gotta love April Fool’s Day.