You know how everything just gets better with time? Like cheese, salami, stories, and my meat loaf . . .? (Joking about that last one, but Kenneth has been raving about my meat loaf as of late.) Well, let me tell you, Kenneth and I are experts at owning antiques.

For example, take a look at this beauty-

Yes, that is an Ipod. In fact, a first generation Ipod. Haven’t seen this for a while, have you? Sometimes when I bust it out people pretend that it’s a dinosaur or something like that. I bought this used in 2006 for $100, and it still works like a champ!

The other gadgets that Kenneth and I own are a digital camera, a video camera, cell phones, and a GPS. Kenneth and I bought the cell phones (the cheapest ones) and everything else was given to us.

As you can see, we are very unexperienced when it comes to buying gadgets. Our digital camera is not working too well right now, so we are going to . . .


I’m super excited about this, but since we haven’t bought something like this before, any suggestions of what camera we should get?


4 thoughts on “Technology

  1. Ken says:

    I actually just ate my meatloaf, mozarella cheese, and wheat bagel sandwich and it was heavenly. Thanks for making it!

    Also, I’m going to buy a Canon so sorry to steal the thunder of this post :)

  2. Christine says:

    I think my iPod shuffle (the really old one that looks like a USB memory stick) beats your old iPods. I still use it occasionally when I’m cleaning the house or flying on an airplane.
    And as far as cameras go, I would try to get one that doesn’t eat up batteries terribly (if possible). That’s my least favorite thing about my camera.

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