The “New” Car

Yes, we got a “new” car. Gotta say, I love it. Some of my favorite features:

1. air conditioning

2. power locks (even though I locked our one set of keys in the car within the first 12 hours of ownership)

3. power windows

4. air conditioning

5. cup holders (our old car “had” cup holders . . . but they were on the inside of the glove compartment and were only a centimeter deep. not sure about you, but I occasionally have to turn in cars, so that doesn’t work.)

6. more than 4 inches between the passenger seat and the back seat

7. an Ipod hookup

8. air conditioning

9. a cool little spot to put my cell phone

10. a spot for sunglasses (I cannot tell you how many times I have broken my sunglasses by sitting on them.)

11. A trunk that stays open by itself without smashing your head

12. air conditioning

13. rear defroster

14. windshield wipers with all speeds functioning properly

15. did I say air conditioning? gosh, I love that. can’t live without it anymore.

So anyway, we be cruisin’ ’round P-town in our new ride! (unless Ken makes me ride my bike instead.)

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