Fires 2012

Have you ever seen smoke forecasted in the weather? Pretty weird, right? Well, it was definitely smoky here in Provo (and a lot of Utah County) yesterday.

This is what it looked like outside-

Kind of looks like it is going to rain. Or like it’s fog maybe. Nope. It was thick smoke. The other side of the sky was very blue and sunny.

At my job, we give tours of campus. Luckily, I didn’t have to give any tours yesterday in the gross smoke. The poor tour guides who did came in smelling like they had been out camping. Their throats were very sore as well since they had to talk and breathe in so much smoke. Ash was falling from the sky as well and getting in everyone’s eyes.

So why so much smoke?

Because currently we have 3 fires burning south of us right now.

Got to say, I am so thankful for all of the firefighters who have been working so hard across our state as well as in other states. I am grateful for the resources we have here in America to be able to try to fight these fires, and I am especially grateful that my family and I have been safe. Hopefully these fires will be contained soon.

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