Jimbo Jones & Betsy Jackson

Jimbo Jones and Betsy Jackson, eh? Betcha didn’t know those are the names we use when we are undercover. I’m Jimbo and Ken’s Betsy. No one can tell it’s us because we wear hats, sunglasses, t-shirts, and jeans with holes in them. (oh wait, that’s us like every day.)

Anyway, Ken and I have a Pass of All Passes (best deal ever!), and so we can go on these fun date nights for free. We decided one day to go to Trafalga.

If you ask my parents which of their children is the most competitive, without hesitation they would say me. I personally do not think of myself as super competitive. Ken, however, is super competitive, so when Betsy challenged Jimbo to a mini-golf game, we should have known it was going to get intense.

This is where i got a hole in one! (Looks like a super hard hole, right? haha)

I was very proud of myself.

Ken, the copycatter, decided to steal my glory and get a hole in one, too. Way to steal my thunder.

So we were just plugging along, but we kept on getting held up by the couple in front of us. To pass time, we decided to do a mini-game while mini-golfing.

The point of the game was to drop the golf ball in the hole. It was super hard, and i don’t think Betsy or Jimbo ended up getting a point.

So anyway, we played mini-golf, we went inside and played another round of mini-golf, did the 3D movie (I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone. It was extremely loud and not that cool.), and then went home. No need to know the results of the games.

2 thoughts on “Jimbo Jones & Betsy Jackson

  1. Christine says:

    My alter ego is Bob. I especially love using it when I go bowling, and have the name flash on the screen when I get a spare or strike. I even created a Bob the Bowler Mii character on our Wii system. He’s a lovely balding man with a paunch.
    I’d be curious to see what Mii characters of your undercover selves would look like.

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