Differences in Marriage

Some marriages find that they have a lot of differences, and some not so much.

Well, Kenneth and I do not see eye-to-eye on the perfect “ripeness” of bananas. I like my bananas at the normal yellow. Ken, on the other hand, enjoys his practically black because there are so many spots. When I go to the grocery store, I try to find the ripest ones so that he doesn’t have to wait as long.

So anyway, one time Kenneth left his “special” bananas a little too long.

*Disclaimer: These pictures are gross! If you are pregnant or have a queasy stomach, view at your own discretion.

If you are thinking right now, “Wow it looks like those bananas are foaming” then you are right. Foaming bananas? Seriously, so gross. And you know how scent is heightened when you are pregnant? It was awful. I’m already not too fond of the scent of bananas. When I take a sandwich and a banana to school, the banana cannot go anywhere near the sandwich otherwise the sandwich tastes like banana because of the smell. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

Anyway, geeze o’ petes it stunk!!! (Side note: Ken pointed out to me last week that no one says “geeze o’ petes”. I said yeah right, I know tons of people who say it. And so we googled it, and apparently it’s a Midwest thing to say. Who knew?)


One thought on “Differences in Marriage

  1. Ken says:

    To clarify, that banana was getting ready for banana bread and NOT for my consumption! I like them with brown spots, not black peels :)

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