. . . he’s growing up so fast.

A couple of weeks ago Ken got to go boating for the first time. We went with some awesome friends. Kristen, Braden, Nikki, Sam, and Kaori. Kaori and I chilled on the boat together because we have mini-people growing inside us (she is going to have her baby boy so soon!), and Braden was the captain of the ship, so he drove the boat the whole time. (and boy did he drive the boat! He knows how to give the tubers a fun ride.)

Here are some pictures that best describe everyone’s reaction on the tube:

This describes Ken’s reaction the whole time fairly well. He was just beaming as his hair poofed into a massive ‘fro from the combination of wind/dirty water. I think he liked boating (even though he got a massive cut on his hand. Apparently when he holds on to the tube, he won’t let go for anything . . . even if he starts bleeding.)

Kristen (far right) seemed to get thrown around the most. I didn’t catch a picture of her way up in the air, but I thought that her hair sticking straight up allowed one to easily imagine what it would have looked like with her a few feet up in the air.

Nikki is in the middle . . . well sort of. That’s her feet sticking straight up. Nikki was the only one who never fell off of the tube (so maybe her strategy of letting her feet bounce around uncontrollably was the reason?).

And then Sam. He is the one in the back middle standing up. He was constantly moving around and challenging what he could do before he would fall off. Pretty entertaining to watch him.

So boating was a success! It was a ton of fun. Thanks for taking us out Braden and Kristen! :)


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