Shave Ice

I love when my sister and brother-in-law come and visit! Even if it is just for one night so that we can drive them to the airport. :)

It’s fun to play and chat with Tracey and Jacob. Plus, they bring this cutie-


This is Marli and Dad just chillin’ on the couch. She has just started to crawl, and it is adorable! I was making dinner in the kitchen, and she crawled all the way to the kitchen to wave and giggle at me. What a sweetheart!

So while Jacob and Tracey were here, we knew we had to take them to Hokulia shave ice. Best snow cones ever! So while we were there, we gave a little to Marli, too.


Her face goes quickly from the picture on the left to the picture on the right. The cold from the snow cone scares her at first because it is so cold. Once it warms up, she is happy again. It was so fun to watch her cute little face get so sad and then so happy. haha


Marli and me are best friends. Just ask her. If she doesn’t say anything, that means she agrees. :)



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