Ken’s Internship

Warning: Ken is writing this post so it probably won’t be nearly as witty and entertaining as one of Rachel’s posts…

Rachel’s been bugging me since my internship started to write a post about it. She very politely just told me, “you could write a blog post about your internship, since it ended yesterday,” (hint hint).

Anyway, for the past twelve weeks I’ve been working at IM Flash Technologies in Lehi, UT. IM Flash is a joint venture of Intel and Micron and has been around since 2006. They manufacture NAND flash memory on silicon wafers, which end up in things like iPhones, iPads, iPods, (insert future apple product name here), and so forth. If you can’t tell, Apple is one of the biggest customers of our products.

Overall, the internship has been a great experience. I never thought I would work for a semiconductor manufacturing company, but I’m glad I’ve had this short glimpse into this industry. There are a lot of different departments at IM Flash, called “areas,” and I worked with the wet process area. The link below is to a Wikipedia article about etching processes, in case you have a hankering to be nerded out by chemistry stuff.

Some of my favorite parts about working there have been

  • The people. Everyone that works there is really helpful and they were all very patient with my constant questions.
  • The culture. IM Flash has a great set of values (Integrity, Commitment, Execution, Teamwork) that aren’t just words posted on a wall in conference rooms. Everyone that works there strives for excellence by living those values.
  • My carpool. I rode with some other BYU Chem Eng students and it was a lot of fun to get to know them better and have some good times talking about the most random things to/from work.
  • Free stuff. They treated us like kings. We went to Lagoon, out for dinner/lunch, and were given gifts. Living the life as a college student trying to bum as many free meals as possible.
  • The cleanroom. I got to work inside of the cleanroom for a few weeks and got to wear these bad boys everyday.

Above is a picture of Conan O’Brien when he visited Intel. Here’s a link to the Youtube video. It is very funny.

Not sure if I’ll end up working here full-time after graduation, but I’m very grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to be a part of the worldwide leader in flash memory manufacturing (did I mention that IM Flash won the Semiconductor of the year award this year, and also has the smallest transistor size in the entire world right now? It’s 20 nanometers!).


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