Zion National Park

So last week we went down to Zion National Park. I would be lying if I said I was excited for it. I was a bit nervous because we decided we were going to camp. It’s a bit tricky to sleep on hard sand when you are 5 months pregnant. Also, since Utah has had so many wildfires this year, you couldn’t have fires . . . even to cook on. So it was a bit interesting eating trail-mix, granola bars, crackers, and apples for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I was also worried about keeping up with Kenneth since going up hills makes me waddle.

Got to say, it as actually really fun! I really enjoyed it.

We went on a lot of fun hikes, and I really enjoyed spending 24/7 with Ken (I don’t want to ask him if he did, though). We played a lot of games, one of which was Egyptian Rat Screw. Have you played that before? It’s a card game, and the point of the game is to get as many cards as you can. Well, don’t ever play that game with Ken. He is so good at this game. I have been trying to beat him for quite some time, and I actually got really close! Ken only had 5 cards. I was about to win, and then Ken cheated!!! Rude, huh?

Anyway, when we were on the hikes, Kenneth took every opportunity he could to hang from something or climb on big rocks.

Also, did you know that Kenneth really enjoys steamed carrots? Well apparently he really wanted them down in Zion because he put the carrots in the car, and it got so hot in the car that the carrots were soft. Also, the squirrels got into them as well.

The squirrels down there are crazy! They are so fat, and they aren’t scared of people. When we would eat, they would come out and try to get as close as they could to steal food from us. Ken was trying to get one away from us one time, so he lightly threw a rock and hit it on the back. Well, the squirrel ran away, but then it came back, so I tried to hit a tree with a rock to make a loud noise and scare it away. I threw it hard, and since my aim is so good, I hit it in the face! I felt so incredibly bad! Poor little guy. He didn’t come back, though.

So overall, good vacation! It was nice to wake up and see this-


3 thoughts on “Zion National Park

  1. There is no photographic evidence that you actually went on this trip, so I think it’s pretty obvious that this is all a lie. I think Kenneth just went on this trip alone and brought a tripod to take all these pictures using the self-timer. YOU CAN’T FOOL ME.

  2. Suzanne says:

    I will humble him in Ratscrew. I do believe I beat him last time we played (although he won the time before that, first person to beat me in over fifteen years, so I think it was overall a tie).

  3. Christine says:

    I am SO impressed that you went on this trip when you were 5 months pregnant. Way to go, Rachel!
    And the part about the squirrel made me laugh really hard. It sounds like something I would do.

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