Zion Part II

Random funny:

Last night I realized that it was my 8/12 Birthday. I told Ken, and he said, “Well, you could have just reduced the fraction and said it was your 3/4 Birthday. Apparently the business school doesn’t teach you how to reduce fractions.”

3/4, huh? Well apparently the engineering college doesn’t teach Ken how to reduce fractions correctly. Another point for why business is better than engineering. :)

Anyway, on to the point of this post which is to prove to Stacy LeCheminant, and anyone else that was questioning if I went to Zion or not because I didn’t post any pictures of myself, that I actually did go to Zion. I was just trying to get out of posting a picture of a sweaty, non-showered, pregnant lady. So view at your own discretion.

Yes, I shimmied down that ledge pictured behind me while gripping the chain as hard as I could. I was pretty excited that I made it considering that there was a huge drop-off. Ken had to persuade me to let go and take a picture. I was basically leaning on the wall as far away from the cliff as possible, but Ken talked me into getting this close to the edge.


One thought on “Zion Part II

  1. Ahaha, thank you for the photographic evidence. Also, thank you for the funny joke in which Kenneth did fractions wrong.

    Also, I’m super glad you noticed that it was your 2/3 bday because I totes noticed that it was my 3/4 birthday. Maybe that’s why Kenneth said 3/4…he cares more about my bday than yours.

    Btdubs, no one should have to start the school year on any fraction of their bday like we had to. Totes not cool.

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