23 Weeks

Not the best picture that shows how big my belly has gotten, but I wasn’t patient enough to take another picture because I wanted to eat another Oreo truffle. Ha, as you can tell, I’m on a strict health-foods-only diet seeing that I’m pregnant.

So anyway, here I am at 23 weeks. It’s getting a bit harder to sleep, but it hasn’t been too bad. Also, the glorious back pains have started. Again, not too bad, though. It could be worse (and I’m sure it will get worse). We have a doctors appointment this week, and we’ll be able to find out if our due date is correct or not. I’m getting really excited about that . . . that is, the appointment and the due date. Over half way there. :)


3 thoughts on “23 Weeks

  1. Christine says:

    Have you tried pelvic rocking for you back pains? It was my favorite pregnancy exercise and really helped the lower back pain (still does, actually).

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