Third Trimester! 29 Weeks Update

In the picture below, we had just gotten done carving our pumpkin hence the water spots on my shirt. Maybe someday I’ll post pictures of the pumpkin.

But anyway, I’m in the third trimester. Let the countdown begin! (Who am I kidding? The countdown started 24 weeks ago.)

Also, it’s official. I’m showing enough that random strangers aren’t afraid to ask when my due date is because they definitely know I am pregnant. Sort of bummed because it was fun to watch bold people skirt around the question. “So, are you . . . you know?” I would always wait a good awkward 3 seconds to get them nervous. So entertaining.

So things that have been happening recently:

  • Little Kenny loves to kick me in the ribs. On the right side. (He just loves hanging out on my right side.)
  • If I barely brush my stomach, Kenny will kick where I touched.
  • I had a braxton hicks contraction during one of my classes. I’m pretty sure that I was giving my professor some of the weirdest faces he has ever seen during a lecture.
  • Kenneth went to Colorado this weekend to campaign for Mitt Romney. Pretty fun considering it was a free “vacation”. He asked one of his teachers if he could turn in his homework when he got back, and his teacher said, “If you can make Mitt Romney win this election, you can turn in all of your homework late!”
  • We had the first snowfall of the season a couple of days ago. I’m super excited for winter this year because that means that I’m closer to meeting our little guy. :)

27 Weeks

Here I am at 27 weeks. (Do you like my slippers?)

Things that have been happening recently:

  1. Little Kenny has started hiccuping. So cute! It makes it hard to stay focused in class.
  2. Free KSL is the best thing ever! I got some awesome baby stuff for free yesterday that I am so excited about.
  3. Kenny loves to stick his head out over on my right side. I still find it so weird to watch my stomach move when I have no control over it.
  4. Kenny loves to do jumping jacks (at least it feels like it) every night at 10:30. He is pretty consistent about it.
  5. I’ve been having Braxton Hicks contractions for a little over a month now. It took me a while to figure out what the awful pain was, but eventually I realized what it was after reading the symptoms online. Apparently they are worse the more dehydrated you are, so next time you see me, order me to drink a whole bottle of water (as long as there is a bathroom nearby).
  6. It has officially become hard to bend over to get things. Whenever I try, it is usually accompanied with a grunt . . . or the sound of ripping pants. (Yeah, that happened the other day. Super embarrassing.)
  7. We are officially halfway through the semester! Man, it’s so easy to keep track of how many weeks of school are left when I constantly count the weeks of my pregnancy. The end of the semester definitely won’t sneak up on me. :)
  8. Ken went to Dallas for an on-site interview a couple of weeks ago. When he got back, he brought these home to me-

I married a great man, but we all knew that already. :)

Also, the biggest news for last . . . Ken got offered a job (with the company he had an on-site interview with), so we will be moving to SOUTH CAROLINA next year! We are so excited and feel really good about our decision to accept the offer in South Carolina, but we will miss all y’all living in Utah. (I’m already practicing my southern accent.) Kind of crazy. Between graduating college, having a baby, moving to South Carolina, and starting a real job, we’ve got big changes within the next year or so. :)

25 Weeks


A grand total of 25 weeks, ladies and gentlemen!  Woot woot.


Things that have been happening in our lives recently:

  1. Ken fixed the vacuum! That guy. Such a handy-dandy one.
  2. We’ve made it through a third of the semester already (YESSSSS! Can I just say, it’s really hard to stay motivated. Not only is it my last semester, but every five seconds I think “baby”. Can’t wait for that little guy to come.)
  3. Ken has an on-site interview with Owens Corning this week. He’s really hoping that he gets an offer (and I am too because their headquarters are in Ohio).
  4. We got evacuated from our house a few weeks ago because the construction workers hit a natural gas line and it broke. The firefighters told me to “leave immediately and take a walk around the neighborhood because you can’t start your car”. Luckily, they got it fixed after 45 minutes.
  5. Today I went home-teaching with Kenneth (aka visited a couple in their home for a bit), and we started talking about baby names. We told them that we were still trying to decide a middle name for little Kenny. The guy we were visiting said, “I know the perfect middle name! James!” We told him that was Ken’s grandpa’s name, and he said, “Okay, I’ve got another good middle name. Grant!” We just started busting up because that’s Ken’s middle name. I mean, this guy was good! He just pulled those two names out of the air. So anyway, still trying to find a middle name that we both agree on.
  6. A few weeks ago I was waiting for an elevator because my class was on the 7th floor. There was one guy in front of me and a few people behind me (because even though you don’t “wait in line” everyone knows who got there first). The elevator made it to our floor, and the elevator was packed. There were only two more spots. The guy in front of me got on, and I started walking towards the elevator, and then a guy behind me cut me off and took my spot! I was so stunned and shocked, so I just turned and walked away.

So that’s a quick summary of our exciting lives summed up in six bullet points. As you can see, we live very eventful lives. :)