Third Trimester! 29 Weeks Update

In the picture below, we had just gotten done carving our pumpkin hence the water spots on my shirt. Maybe someday I’ll post pictures of the pumpkin.

But anyway, I’m in the third trimester. Let the countdown begin! (Who am I kidding? The countdown started 24 weeks ago.)

Also, it’s official. I’m showing enough that random strangers aren’t afraid to ask when my due date is because they definitely know I am pregnant. Sort of bummed because it was fun to watch bold people skirt around the question. “So, are you . . . you know?” I would always wait a good awkward 3 seconds to get them nervous. So entertaining.

So things that have been happening recently:

  • Little Kenny loves to kick me in the ribs. On the right side. (He just loves hanging out on my right side.)
  • If I barely brush my stomach, Kenny will kick where I touched.
  • I had a braxton hicks contraction during one of my classes. I’m pretty sure that I was giving my professor some of the weirdest faces he has ever seen during a lecture.
  • Kenneth went to Colorado this weekend to campaign for Mitt Romney. Pretty fun considering it was a free “vacation”. He asked one of his teachers if he could turn in his homework when he got back, and his teacher said, “If you can make Mitt Romney win this election, you can turn in all of your homework late!”
  • We had the first snowfall of the season a couple of days ago. I’m super excited for winter this year because that means that I’m closer to meeting our little guy. :)

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