Rachel thought I’d never write this post. Well, she was almost right. The events that this post is based on may or may not have taken place almost two months ago, but that’s besides the point! With all the silly things Rachel posts about me on our blog it’s only fair that I take my turn and share one of her silly moments…

It all began when Rachel poured too much milk for her morning bowl of cereal (a common occurrence in the Alford household) and finished off the milk. We talked about buying more milk and went on with our day. The next morning I woke up to make breakfast and there wasn’t any milk. I thought to myself, “hmm, guess Rachel forgot to buy the milk,” and didn’t think anything of it. That evening when we were both home Rachel wanted some cereal and I told her there wasn’t any milk. She emphatically told me that yes, there was milk in the fridge, because she had bought some last night. I assured her that there wasn’t any milk and upon opening the fridge she let out an “oh no.”

Backing up a little, the night before Rachel ran to the BYU creamery to get some milk. Only milk. And fyi, the creamery is about 5 blocks from our house. Somehow during the “long” drive home, Rachel managed to forget that she had purchased two gallons of milk and left them in the car. Returning to no milk in the fridge…Rachel ran out to the car and brought the milk in. She asked if it would be okay if we just put it in the fridge. Considering that our car had probably been 90 ish degrees that day I said no way. Inspecting the jugs of milk confirmed my decision since they were bulging at the sides.

Since that day was trash day, and our garbage cans were still out on the curb, we just put the jugs on counter and went to bed. Bad move.

The next day I got a phone call from Rachel saying that our kitchen smelled really bad. Why you ask? Because one of the jugs of rancid milk exploded its top off and exploded all over our kitchen. Rachel had been on the phone with her friend Stacy, hung up, and then heard a loud “BANG!” a few seconds later. She thought that a gun had gone off somewhere close by. Thankfully it was just rancid, curdled, smelly milk that got on the ceiling, and conveniently over most of our dishes in the cupboard since it was open just a crack.

The pictures don’t begin to do it justice. The curdled chunks were thicker than cottage cheese, and thanks to my pregnant wife, I got to clean it all up since the smell was too much for her to handle :)

We promptly put the milk on the back porch. Not wanting the other jug to explode inside of our hot trash can during the day, we left the jugs there until trash day the following week.

Hopefully next time Rachel really wants cereal she remembers this experience and brings in the milk from the car :)


2 thoughts on “Milksplosion!!

  1. between the exploding milk and the foaming bananas… i’m a little curious as to what else goes on in the Alford household. Whatever it is, it must be hilarious and you must keep sharing them with us!

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