33 Weeks

Here’s 33 weeks. As you can see, I finally broke out the maternity tops. (Thanks, Tracey!)

I know you will be surprised to hear this, but pregnancy is getting uncomfortable (not that pregnancy is ever comfortable). Baby Kenny is able to push my left hip bone and my right rib cage at the same time. Impressive, little man. It also has become hard to breathe at times because he likes to hang out in my rib cage. And don’t judge me if I drive around with my window down in 30 degree weather. I’ve been getting super hot lately. And did I mention heartburn? Boy, oh boy, I love the person who makes Tums.

But enough of that complaining stuff. It’s hard to believe that we are just 7-8 weeks away from meeting out little man! (I keep on telling myself that he’s going to be late, so I don’t get my hopes up.) We are gradually getting our apartment ready. It’s going to be a bit tricky since we only have a one bedroom apartment, but we are planning on him just loving his bassinet and never wanting to sleep in a crib, so we’ll see how long that lasts.

The other night I was laying down, and baby Kenny pushed really hard on my stomach. I told Ken that it hurt, so Ken  pushed Kenny’s foot back into my stomach. Kenny then proceeded to stick his foot a good 1.5 inches out and moved left then right then left. It was crazy! It was the first time that we saw his little foot stick out so far. Ken said it looked like there was an alien inside me. It was kind of like little Kenny was saying, “Oh yeah? Well I’m squished in here, so take that!” Hopefully this defiant father/son relationship doesn’t continue, though. :)


2 thoughts on “33 Weeks

  1. Marie says:

    We’ve just used a pack n play for most of our kids instead of a full size crib. It’s nice that it’s more compact, although they can learn to climb out of it sooner. But it’s an option for your 1-bedroom apartment.

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