Happy 11/12 Birthday to Me

Today is Stacy’s Birthday my 11/12 Birthday!!! I know, big day for me.

Every Friday I have lunch with this awesome girl. Her name is Stacy Marie LeCheminant. You can call her smelly (because of her initials). She loves it when people call her smelly. She also loves it when you say that you have traveled to “San Fran” and recently ate lunch meat.

I gotta tell ya, I am so lucky to have this girl in my life. Like the best. There’s never a dull (said correctly due to Stacy’s teachings) moment with this girl. I love it. And like I mentioned, she has taught me so much. I now know how to properly curl my eyelashes, gag when I am brushing my teeth, have my “acting pants” handy for special situations, how to sing Kumbayah in a round (super hard to do if you’ve ever tried it), and what to do if there is a fire (jump over the fire into the enclosed room). No but seriously. She really has taught me so much- how to laugh, how to cook, how to write essays (thanks again Stacy for editing my essay for the Business School), how to study hard, how to work hard, and how to make any situation positive.

I love this girl. I hope that she doesn’t ever get sick of me because I want my kids to be able to know Stacy and see what a great person she is. She is such a great example to me, and I feel blessed to have her in my life. :)

And now for Stacy’s Birthday present your viewing pleasure, here are some gems I found-

It just doesn’t get old. Gets me every time.

So anyway . . .


(I wrote it in purple since you really like that color.)

One thought on “Happy 11/12 Birthday to Me

  1. YESSSS!!!!! I really like this post!!! Of course, I love anything that is about me, but nbd whatever. Although I must say, you sure found some gems in those pictures. haha

    Best part of this post: the fact that I taught you how to say words correctly. Just imagine your life without me. You probably wouldn’t have a job because no one would understand what you were saying.

    But seriously, youda best. Love this post, love you, but mostly I love that you’re going to buy turkey platters for my children. Nothing says true friendship like a turkey platter. Am I right?

    Oh, and P.S. I still can’t get over my bday/christmas present. It’s so awesome!! FOUR SEASONS, you big spender, you. I’m officially failing all my classes starting now.

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