Front Row Seats!

One of the perks working for BYU admissions? Getting front row seats at the BYU basketball game!

Above is a picture of the tip-off. The two rows in front of us were reporters . . . but we totally got more comfy seats than them, and these days I am all about the comfy, so I was okay with it.

We got to sit front center next to the president of the university. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there, but we did end up sitting by two General Authorities still.

There were rules that we had to follow, though. We had to arrive early, we had to “dress up”, and we had to behave. Let me tell you, that last rule was really hard for Kenneth. :) Ha, I kid.

We were on the Kiss Camera, though. They were scanning the audience, picking random couples to show on the jumbotron,  and then they focused in on Ken and I and the couple behind us. We didn’t know which couple they wanted, but then they zoomed in on the couple behind us. I made sure to lean back and get in the shot still, though.

So BYU ended up winning, and Ken and I briefly ended up on TV. Successful night.

Oh, and on a related note, Jabari Parker came to our ward on Sunday. Pretty legit.

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