So not as bad as milk exploding everywhere, but I can’t pass up an opportunity to document one of Ken’s messes.

One day Ken went to the grocery store. It was raining and while loading the bags into the trunk, one of them fell onto the ground. When he got home, he noticed that one of the yogurts had exploded inside the grocery bags because of the fall. Of course, it got on the only item that has a paper covering . . . the 10 pound sack of flour, which also had a few wounds from the impact with the asphalt. We decided to transfer the flour into Ziploc bags. Ken was pouring it while I was holding the Ziploc, and then BAM.  Flour all over the floor. Apparently, pouring flour from a wet, torn flour bag isn’t the best idea. Who knew? Unfortunately, we were in a hurry to leave somewhere, so we had to walk through the flour until I could clean it up later that night.

I think these “minor” messes are preparing me for kids.

P.S. Little baby Kenny is only 5 weeks away from making his appearance. :)


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