Cerealsplosion!! (Noticing a trend yet?)

If you haven’t noticed yet, we like to spill things around the Alford household. This morning’s specialty was Rachel’s bowl full of cinnamon toast crunch and milk…in our bedroom. As usual on Sunday mornings, I got Rachel’s breakfast for her while she was getting ready for church. In typical Rachel style, she took her breakfast into the bedroom to eat while going through dozens of potential outfits. Okay, maybe now it’s only half a dozen potential outfits because the pregnant belly rules out some potential candidates, but I digress. From the bathroom I heard Rachel scream, and based on the tone/pitch of the scream I instantly knew that her cereal spilled (I can’t imagine why, considering how secure her cereal bowl was on top of our dresser).

Teetering Cereal Bowl

Looking at the expression on her face confirmed my suspicion, as well as the exploded cereal all over the floor. This picture was after over half of it had been cleaned up!


Good thing I remembered to capture this beauty before all of it was cleaned up.

Thankfully most of the milk ended up on our bags or the top of that container, which spared the rug. I think Rachel is secretly getting me ready for children and the messes they will make. Unfortunately I didn’t have the best reaction to Rachel’s accident this morning, so I know that events like this are good training for how to handle kids’ messiness in the future :)

2 thoughts on “Cerealsplosion!! (Noticing a trend yet?)

  1. Tracey says:

    Hahaha this post makes me laugh really hard. It must be a Manning thing because Jacob gets my breakfast for me every morning while I’m getting ready! Haha

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