Come on Little Kenny . . .

Want to know the best Birthday present a pregnant lady can get on her Birthday? Labor.

Want to know the second best Birthday present a pregnant lady can get? Progress towards labor.

Yep, I had a doctor’s appointment today, and I am “progressing nicely” towards labor. Last week my doctor was very impressed that I was dilated to a 2 at 36 weeks, and now that I’m at 37 weeks I’m at a 3! Yessssssss. She said that he is “very low”, and said that they never make guesses when the baby will come, but she hinted strongly that he will probably come . . . soon. I’m suppose to have another doctors appointment in a week, and she said see you then . . . or in the hospital. Woohoo!

I’m trying not to get too excited, but let’s be real. I’m ecstatic. I know I should probably just plan on him waiting until I’m 40 weeks to come, but it has been so uncomfortable  lately that it makes it so easy to wish for him to come early.

Side story: When I was younger, I used to be pretty bitter that my Birthday was two days after Christmas. I was jealous of the other kids who had two separate opportunities to get presents and to celebrate. I always thought that I had gotten the short end of the stick because people would combine Christmas/Birthday presents and my Birthday would be overshadowed by the other holidays. When I was 17, I found out that my parents induced me on the 27th of December. I was actually supposed to be a January baby. My parents were able to get a major tax break, and they admitted that was a contributing factor in their decision to induce me.

When I found this out, I couldn’t believe it! Now that I’m in the same boat, it sounds very enticing. . . and not just for the tax break. I am ready to be done with pregnancy. So if you want to find me today, I will just be walking non-stop at the gym trying to “induce” labor on my own. :)

Oh, and here is a picture of Ken and I on Christmas-


We realized that we don’t really have any pictures of us together plus the pregnant belly.

2 thoughts on “Come on Little Kenny . . .

  1. Valerie says:

    Woo-hoo, you’re definitely almost there!! I was 1cm at 36 weeks, 2cm at 37 weeks, 3cm at 38 weeks and *4CM* at 39w1d (he was born that night!!). You are very, very close! Congrats!!! :D
    You look wonderful, btw.

  2. Jillaye says:

    That is so exciting! I definitely feel your pain on wanting to be done with pregnancy, it’s all worth it in the end! Being a mom is the best.

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