My Little Man

Today my little man had his 2 week check-up. He is packing on the pounds and growing! Since he’s gaining weight so well, I can start to sleep relax more at night! My doctor said that I don’t need to set an alarm to feed him in the night, and I can just see how long he will sleep. So excited for this! Hopefully little man agrees with the opportunity to sleep more.

So here are the stats:

Weight- 7 lbs. 13 oz.

Height- 22 3/4 inches

He is considered 50 percentile for weight and 100 percentile for height. What? 100 percentile? I never would have guessed that baby Kenny was going to be so tall. Pretty surprising. My guess would be a squirmy baby that didn’t want to be measured and may not actually have grown 2.75 inches in 15 days.

Also, everyone keeps on commenting on how strong little man is. When he first made his appearance into this world and was put onto my chest, he immediately raised his head . . . which was the beginning of his non-snuggling attitude. Then the nurse took him and weighed him and he grabbed the side of the bin with a death grip. She finally got him to ease up, and then he rolled to the other side and death gripped that side, too. He loves tummy time, and can hold his head up for a very long time, which makes it challenging to burp him. He also hates to have his arms swaddled. He always finds a way to break free, so we finally gave in. Thanks to Tracey we have an awesome sleep sack that he loves to sleep in because his arms are completely free!

Sleep Sack

And he is officially too big for newborn clothes now. (Again, what? Kind of makes me sad.)


At least he looks adorably cute bundled up in his snow suit. :)


3 thoughts on “My Little Man

  1. Tracey says:

    Wow I can’t believe his grip! That’s crazy! And also I can’t believe he holds his head up during tummy time! What a strong little guy. Also, I’m kind of surprised he doesn’t fit into his newborn clothes anymore because Marli fit into her newborn clothes until she was 10 pounds. But I’ll bet he doesn’t fit into them anymore because he’s so long. He’s going to be as tall as Marli pretty soon! I’m glad he likes the sleep sack so much! In that picture of him in the sleep sack he looks like he’s filling out a lot and gaining a lot of weight. I also love the picture of him in his snow suit. Man I had a lot to say about this post haha. I can’t wait to see him again!

  2. laurel says:

    Congratulations! He is so cute! Isn’t being a momma the best? I’m so happy for you guys- and I read your blog all the time. Just a little stalker over here.

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