A Night Out

So while my Mom was here, she offered to watch Kenny for a night so that Kenneth and I could go on a date together. We gladly took her up on the opportunity. When the hour rolled around for us to go on the date, we still weren’t quite sure what we wanted to do. Ken had a few good ideas, but we decided at the last minute to go to Target and use a gift card someone gave to us. Yes, I know. Now that we are parents, we felt a bit obligated to go on a boring date together. Ha, I kid. I actually really enjoyed our date to Target. (I think I liked it way more than Ken did.)

A fact about Ken: He does not like to spend money on himself unless it has to do with music. He never buys clothes for himself. Ever. Never ever. Never ever never.

With this in mind, I insisted that Ken should use the gift card to add to his barely there wardrobe. After 30 minutes of convincing, he finally agreed to get himself jeans.

After 2 years of being married, I learned something very interesting about Ken. He did not know how to use a fitting room! He waltzed in to the dressing area and started back towards a stall, which made the fitting room lady very confused. We clued Ken in, and so he came back out, grabbed his number, and went on back. When he was done, he came out and whispered, “So do I just put these jeans on the counter with the number? Or do I take them?”

I guess that’s what you get when the only clothing store you’ve been to is D.I. :)


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