The Alford Crew

So I finally got around to updating our About Us section. Enjoy.

The Alford Crew

Here’s the story of a young lady

Who was going on a mission right away.

She was looking for a fun summer, without commitment.

She didn’t expect a wedding day.


Here’s the story of a man named Kenneth

Who was busy with school, work, and fun.

He noticed Rachel across the way

And he knew what had to be done.


And then one day Rachel fell in love with this fellow,

And both of them somehow “just knew”.

That the two of them must form a family.

That’s the way they became the Alford Crew.


The Alford Crew, the Alford Crew.

 That’s the way Ken and I started the Alford Crew.


2 thoughts on “The Alford Crew

  1. Kristina says:

    Interesting! I’m an Alford and we have an Alford Crew as well! We have been in missions and church planting too!

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