One Month

My little guy is a month old today. Sigh. Has it been that long already? He’s getting so big!

One Month Old

As of lately:

  • 90% of the time he will not take his pacifier.
  • He is not a snuggler. He has to be dead asleep to snuggle with me. Though, when he does, his arms fall out and across me, and it sort of feels like a hug. I always pretend that it is.
  • He gave me his first accidental kiss the other day. (When I was burping him, he reared his head back and then tried to suck my face.)
  • Speaking of rearing back, this kid loves to lift his head up. Honestly, I wish I could get a good video/picture of it. His record is 2 minutes.
  • Also, little guy has lost the majority of his hair. We got a little baldy.

So much fun, this one.


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