What’s with the title of this post? 3.521? What’s that?

Well, that is my son. It’s what we call him at the house. Just kidding, we definitely don’t do that. So to understand, I need to tell you some family history. (“Family history I am doing it my family history. And the reason why I am doing it” . . . okay enough.)

So my grandfather was born in 1906. Not a typo. He grew up, got married, and had kids. Unfortunately, his wife died. He got married again, had kids, and she passed away as well. Then he got married to my grandma, had kids (my mom), and my grandma passed away, too. One last time, he got married, they did not have kids, and then he passed away. He died just a couple of months before I was born, and my grandma died when my mom was 14.

Anyway, the point of the story is not to be sad, but to explain why I have such a big extended family. Since my grandfather married 4 times, there are 26 kids total. I am the 106th grandchild, and there are over 500 descendents now. So to try to keep track of everyone, we have a family directory. And to be organized, we each have numbers. So my number is 3.52 because my grandmother is the 3rd wife, my mom is the 5th child from my grandma, and I am the 2nd child from my mom aka 3.52.

And that is how my child is 3.521.

P.S. The whole numbers thing is actually a huge joke in my family now. The numbers are real, and we always say our numbers, but they aren’t seriously used. Just weird and funny.


One thought on “3.521

  1. New favorite post ever because the whole number thing is just my favorite thing. Super wish I had the directory in my bathroom…I haven’t studied it in a while.

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