Sleeping on the Couch

If anyone found out how often Ken sleeps on the couch, they would seriously think that our relationship was struggling. Not the case, though. He sleep walks out to the couch all the time. 

Last night he sat up suddenly, jumped out of bed, and pounded his fist on the bed. He then said, “That is nasty!!” And then he ran out of the room. If we were super super newlyweds, I probably would have gone out after him and made sure he was okay. Now knowing that he sleep walks all the time, the lazy part of me doesn’t care enough to get up. (Also, a part of me is hoping that he will go out and eat in the middle of the night.Come on Georgia Mud Fudge Blizzard! Update on lent to come soon.)

Surprisingly, Ken remembered doing this the next day. He said that he thought that the mattress was filled with yellow maggots, and he claims that he told me to get out of the room. (I didn’t hear him say it, but he mumbles really bad when he’s sleep talking.)

And just so you know, Ken says our couch is really comfortable, so come visit us in South Carolina when we move there! :)

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