So the other day I was looking through our wedding photos, and I came across this picture so I decided to take it upon myself to share my opinion about trains on the back of wedding dresses. You can thank me later.

You know what I believe is the real purpose of trains? To let the husband look adorably cute when he picks it up to help his new wife. So cute when that happens. As you can see, I picked a good one because Ken did that for me.

And now because I am in a giving mood, I’ll give you this gem. Pretty embarrassing actually. Not quite sure why I’m sharing this-


This is when I gracefully tripped down the stairs after I had only been married for 10 minutes. So glad that I made a fool of myself when we were the center of attention. Love when I do that. I’m sure Ken thought, “Boy, I was hoping this clumsiness would stop once I said ‘I do'”.

Nope, you’re stuck for a lifetime (and more), bud. :)


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