Embarrassing Photos

Remember that first date that you went on? I do. Awkwardly awkward. It was a few days after the boy and I both had turned 16 (our Birthdays are one day apart), and he came to my house to pick me up and say hi to my parents. Now, I wasn’t one of those girls that purposely let the boy wait in the living room while the girl finishes up getting ready. Once I heard the doorbell, I was in the living room fast.  You may be wondering why. It was because for as long as I can remember, my dad has been threatening to tell embarrassing stories to “the boys that would take me on dates.”  I was hoping that I could get there fast enough, so that I could be out the door before any stories would be told.

The one in particular that my dad has always threatened to tell is when I was 4 or so. My parents were sitting on the couch and across the room was a can of peanuts. I’m not sure if they were asking me to bring them peanuts or if I just took it upon myself to do so, but I would walk to the can, grab one in each hand, give it to my parents, and repeat it a million bazillion times. Why I just didn’t grab the can I do not know.

However, I remember quite clearly thinking, “there’s gotta be a way that I can give more peanuts to my parents than just one at a time.” Being the brilliant young mind that I was, I found a way to “carry” more over to them. I stuck one up my nose. I then walked over to my parents, tried to get it out of my nose to give it to them (to eat! yum!), but it was not as easy as I anticipated to get of my nose. In fact, we couldn’t. My parents tried everything to get it out of my nose, but again being the bright little kid that I was, every time they said “blow out” I would sniff in. I know, genius right here. Happy to say that I did graduate from college, though.

Anyway, my parents think that is really funny, and so they wanted to embarrass me in front of boys that I dated. Like promised, my dad did tell that story to my first date. My date gave him the courtesy laugh and awkwardly stood there as we both didn’t really know what to do. Awesome.

Well, I’m passing on this little tradition to my kids. I’ve already started my arsenal of embarrassing photos/stories to tell. Here’s one of them-

Embarrassing Photos

Haha funny guy.


Patty Cake

Kenny is becoming more interactive and I love it! Here’s a video of his small little laugh. Enjoy! :)

The Dorseys

This past weekend we were able to spend time with my sister’s family. It was a blast as always!


Little Marli girl got to “hold” baby Kenny for the first time. She met Kenny about 7 weeks ago, and she kept on signing “please” to see and hold Kenny. It was adorable. We had to tell her no, so she went and got some of her goldfish to share with Kenny instead. What a sweetie.

We also tried to make cookie bars for a party I had to go to the next day. Have you ever wondered what cookies would look like if you baked them at 500 degrees? Well, here you go.


Somehow the oven got bumped to 500 degrees instead of 375. Not quite sure how that  happened.


As you can see, it didn’t stop us from eating them (not at the party. I made a new batch for them, but us Alfords and Dorseys don’t have as high of standards.) The top, sides, and bottom were burnt and the insides were still completely doughy. It actually wasn’t too bad. We decided that it would have been delicious with ice cream. So there you have it. If you ever bake your cookies at 500 degrees, go buy some ice cream.

2 Months


Yes, 2 months. Two months! 

Things he does:

  • Still refuses to take a pacifier. I don’t know why I keep trying. It’s become my ‘I’m desperate because he won’t stop fussing’ last resort.
  • Loves to play, smile, and laugh. Sometimes when he is eating, he’ll just look up at me and laugh and spit out all of the milk. Silly baby.
  • Sometimes has a rough time when strangers hold him. Hopefully he grows out of this phase.
  • Loves stroller rides! And I love that he loves it.
  • Thinks it’s really funny to do patty cake.
  • Has started to grow out of 0-3 month clothes.
  • And my favorite thing that he is doing is sleeping through the night. The other night he slept from 9:00 to 8:00. I am definitely spoiled with this little boy.

We love our little Kenny, and it’s hard to imagine life without him now. Such a fun, happy little man.


Yesterday Kenny went to church for the first time. I was so excited to go back to my own ward! (Since I took a little break to stay home with the little guy.) We’ve been in the same ward for 2 years now, and I love them all. I will miss them dearly when we have to move.Image

Also, Kenny wore shoes for the first time.


. . . his first and last time. Man, it’s hard to get a baby’s feet into shoes! They are adorable, though.


And Kenny keeps on doing an adorable side smile. It’s my favorite when he is about to break into the side smile, so the corner of his mouth on one side will start to arch up. He’s already using it on the ladies, and they love it. Right, Stacy? :)

First Time in the Stroller

Two days ago we had a beautiful day here in Utah! It was 56 degrees out and sunny. Kenny and I decided to take advantage of that, so we went on our first ever walk together.


Poor little guy didn’t know what to think about all that sunshine. His face cracks me up! Love the double chin.

Once I put the cover up and the sun got out of his eyes, he loved it. So much so that he slept for the majority of the walk.


I’m glad that he enjoys walks. Now, if only the weather would stay nice.

The Lazy Man

So I am choosing to publish this on the world wide web so that all the people reading  this (aka my Dad) can hold me to what I am about to say.

I am doing the Lazy Man Iron Man that is put on by BYU. The Lazy Man Iron Man is an ironman extended over a month, but there are still 26.2 miles of running, 112 miles of cycling, and 2.4 miles of swimming, except I made a few changes before I agreed to said triathalon. The event is suppose to end on March 31, but I decided that I deserve 3 extra days because I still hadn’t gotten the “a-okay” from my doctor that I could workout on March 1 when it started. So I will finish on April 3.

Second, I am not swimming. I am just nixing that whole little leg. Am I a wimp? Yeah so what. I took swim lessons growing up, but I still do not like swimming laps because I have no form. It may be because whenever I had swim lessons as a kid, my sister and I would eat a pound of sugar beforehand and so the lessons always resulted in endless giggling between the two of us followed by individual punishment laps. (Am I right or am I right, Tracey?) You think the individual laps would have taught me form, but usually I would just end up pushing off of the wall hard, swimming under the water for as long as I could, and then dog paddling the rest of the way. Awesome.

So there you have it. Ken is doing this also, but he is doing the swimming portion, too. He did almost half of the swimming in a hotel pool when he was in South Carolina this past weekend. What I would give to see him endlessly swimming back in forth in that tiny pool. So funny! He did 225 laps in a 25 foot pool. Talk about boring!