Lent Update

So it’s been 3 weeks since the beginning of lent. I am happy to say that all of us are doing well except for little Kenny. He broke his lent within two hours after I wrote the post. He managed to spray into Ken’s dresser and all over Ken’s clothes. Awesome aim, bud. He’s getting better now, though.

Another good thing is that we aren’t breezing through peanut butter anymore. Within the last three weeks, we haven’t opened a new jar, which we were going through at least one a week before. (I like peanut butter, okay?) And I guess we haven’t gone through as much powdered sugar. Hard to say, though. The other day when I got home, I walked into the living room and saw that Ken had powdered sugar on his face, shirt, pants, and even his socks. Guess he just eats it during the day now . . . and dribbles down the front. I can see where Baby Kenny gets it from. :)


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