The Dorseys

This past weekend we were able to spend time with my sister’s family. It was a blast as always!


Little Marli girl got to “hold” baby Kenny for the first time. She met Kenny about 7 weeks ago, and she kept on signing “please” to see and hold Kenny. It was adorable. We had to tell her no, so she went and got some of her goldfish to share with Kenny instead. What a sweetie.

We also tried to make cookie bars for a party I had to go to the next day. Have you ever wondered what cookies would look like if you baked them at 500 degrees? Well, here you go.


Somehow the oven got bumped to 500 degrees instead of 375. Not quite sure how that  happened.


As you can see, it didn’t stop us from eating them (not at the party. I made a new batch for them, but us Alfords and Dorseys don’t have as high of standards.) The top, sides, and bottom were burnt and the insides were still completely doughy. It actually wasn’t too bad. We decided that it would have been delicious with ice cream. So there you have it. If you ever bake your cookies at 500 degrees, go buy some ice cream.


One thought on “The Dorseys

  1. Tracey says:

    Haha those cookies were good. And that picture is so cute of Kenny and Marli! Kenny’s such a sweet baby. Can you email me the picture?

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