Embarrassing Photos

Remember that first date that you went on? I do. Awkwardly awkward. It was a few days after the boy and I both had turned 16 (our Birthdays are one day apart), and he came to my house to pick me up and say hi to my parents. Now, I wasn’t one of those girls that purposely let the boy wait in the living room while the girl finishes up getting ready. Once I heard the doorbell, I was in the living room fast.  You may be wondering why. It was because for as long as I can remember, my dad has been threatening to tell embarrassing stories to “the boys that would take me on dates.”  I was hoping that I could get there fast enough, so that I could be out the door before any stories would be told.

The one in particular that my dad has always threatened to tell is when I was 4 or so. My parents were sitting on the couch and across the room was a can of peanuts. I’m not sure if they were asking me to bring them peanuts or if I just took it upon myself to do so, but I would walk to the can, grab one in each hand, give it to my parents, and repeat it a million bazillion times. Why I just didn’t grab the can I do not know.

However, I remember quite clearly thinking, “there’s gotta be a way that I can give more peanuts to my parents than just one at a time.” Being the brilliant young mind that I was, I found a way to “carry” more over to them. I stuck one up my nose. I then walked over to my parents, tried to get it out of my nose to give it to them (to eat! yum!), but it was not as easy as I anticipated to get of my nose. In fact, we couldn’t. My parents tried everything to get it out of my nose, but again being the bright little kid that I was, every time they said “blow out” I would sniff in. I know, genius right here. Happy to say that I did graduate from college, though.

Anyway, my parents think that is really funny, and so they wanted to embarrass me in front of boys that I dated. Like promised, my dad did tell that story to my first date. My date gave him the courtesy laugh and awkwardly stood there as we both didn’t really know what to do. Awesome.

Well, I’m passing on this little tradition to my kids. I’ve already started my arsenal of embarrassing photos/stories to tell. Here’s one of them-

Embarrassing Photos

Haha funny guy.


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