Over 7 years ago, I was getting ready to go to cheerleading practicing, and my dad pulled me aside and said that he needed to talk to me. He told me that my family would be moving to Utah. Since I was a junior in high school and would be pulled away from my senior year, he gave me the choice to stay in Cincinnati or to move with my family. I prayed about it, and I felt like I really needed to go to Utah.

My whole senior year, I was looking for the reason why I had felt that I needed to move to Utah. I thought it was because I needed to help someone. Come to find out, I was really helping myself.

One day during my senior year, I was sitting in Calculus class, and my name came over the intercom. I was told to go down to the office. When I walked through the office doors, my counselor was standing there waiting for me, and she told me that I had received a scholarship to BYU. I was floored. I honestly could not believe what she had said. I nearly dropped dead right there in the office. See, I had really been debating where I wanted to go to college. I was very concerned about money, and I wasn’t considering BYU very seriously (even though I really did want to go there) because it was more expensive than my other options where I had received scholarships. A few months back, I had applied for a BYU scholarship that one Lehi High student would receive. I thought nothing of it, and honestly had kind of forgotten about it. Who knew that the application that I filled out would drastically alter my life?

I can honestly say that I would not have gone to BYU if I hadn’t moved to Utah. I wouldn’t have received that scholarship had I stayed in Cincinnati. I am so grateful for the donors who made it possible for me to go to BYU. I am so thankful that I prayed and felt impressed to move to Utah. BYU has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I met such great, amazing friends who have taught me more than I can even express in words. I met my handsome, loving husband here at BYU. I now have a sweet little baby boy who I love dearly. I have learned so much in my time here at BYU both spiritually and academically.

And here it is. My adventure here at BYU has officially come to an end. Both Ken and I (and baby Kenny) graduated today.

Baby Graduation Cap and Gown

So many good memories and experiences here at BYU. Was it hard at times? Yes, but it was beyond worth it. I will forever be in debt to those donors who made it possible for me to come to BYU.


Stages of Life


Well, we have a definite roller now. We have been trying for a while to get him to roll again, and he finally did it tonight. Ken and I were just talking and then all of a sudden Kenny rolled unto his back like it was no big deal. I just saw it out of the corner of my eye, so I really wanted to see him do it again. I put him back on his stomach and immediately he rolled over again. I kept on trying to get a video/picture of it, but he was too fast. As you can see in the above pictures, I got the beginning and the end, but I can’t seem to get the middle part aka the most important part of him actually rolling over.

Each time Kenny reaches a new stage, I get a bit nostalgic. I know that it’s completely ridiculous and silly, but seeing him roll over tonight really made me realize that each moment is precious. You can try to catch it on camera, but usually it doesn’t turn out as good anyway (especially having me as the photographer). I have officially made a “treasured moments” folder in my brain to store all of my favorite memories and images. Like when I walked out of our apartment this evening and the full moon was just coming up over the mountains. It was so beautiful, and I thought about running in and grabbing my camera,  but I knew it wouldn’t turn out as well as how I saw it at that moment. Life is such a blessing, and it’s good to just take a second and drink it in every day. My baby is growing and reaching new stages, but that’s okay. Each new stage is its own new little adventure, and it’s good to find joy in the journey.

Our little family is coming up on a big new stage quickly (moving across the country), but I’m up for it. Am I a bit nostalgic and sad? You bet. I have loved the time I’ve had here in Utah, and I love all of the people I’ve met. It’s crazy to think about how I’ve lived in Utah for nearly six years now, and tomorrow Ken and I will officially graduate from BYU. To say the least, it’s a bit surreal. And sad. And scary. And emotional. My friend Stacy does a really good job of recapping some fun stories we’ve had together. I wish I could remember those stories as well as she can, but I guess I’ve tried to block out some of the ridiculousness. :)

Got to say, I love life, and I love the possibilities that life has in store for us. Each new stage may be hard, but it’s all part of growing and learning.



3 Months

My little baby turned 3 months yesterday. He’s started to look like a little person!

  • He loves to suck on his fingers. He’s still trying to figure out that if he sticks them too far back that he will gag himself.
  • Two days ago he rolled over for the first time. He did it on our bed, but we can’t get him to do it again.
  • He’s not afraid to chatter and express when he’s mad. He will give you the stink eye when he’s not happy.

  • The above picture was taken during the week of his napping strike. Mr. Cranky McCrankCrank. Don’t know why that happened, but thankfully he has begun to nap again.
  • If he is trying to figure something out, he will give you his “quizzical eyes”.

  • Also, as you can see he’s started to grab and bat at things. He loves to grab my hair . . . haircut in the near future?
  • And on Sunday he got blessed!

<<Apparently Kenny was shocked the day had finally come>>
  • He was able to get blessed with his cousin, Clara Sawyer, who was born 3 weeks after him. We were so happy that they are so close together in age and were able to be blessed together.


<<I guess there was something really interesting to look at to our right>>
  • Unfortunately he is still in his “stranger danger” phase. 

  • If he starts laughing really hard, he will get the hiccups. Also, when he laughs, it sounds like a horn. And when he gets really excited, he will laugh and then squeal at the end.
  • He loves to hold his own hands. Sometimes he will interlock them. It always looks like he is planning something really sneaky.

Baby Graduation Gown


<<This is the graduation gown that Kenny will be wearing when Ken and I walk for graduation. Hopefully I can finish the hat soon. Oh, and Stacy said that he looks like a conniving judge in his gown. Ha, he sort of does.>>

So things are going well, and it seems like he is learning something new every day. So fun!

Lazy Man

I feel weird blogging about this, but I feel obligated to report that I did do my goal to finish the Lazy Man Iron Man (besides the swimming). No fun stories to really share.

Ken did the Lazy Man Iron Man completely. He got an awesome shirt to show for it. Sort of jealous.

And to include a completely unrelated picture-


And no, he still doesn’t take a pacifier. This picture was completely manipulated to make it look like he does. However, he does suck on my finger occasionally now. Still a cutie, though.

April Fool’s Day

Remember this post from last April Fool’s Day? So I knew that Ken was going to try to pull the ole’ rubber band on the sprayer in the kitchen joke since he has done it for the last two years. But to my surprise, when I got up in the morning it wasn’t there. I kept a close eye on everything throughout the day, but I didn’t see anything unusual besides the peanut butter missing, but alas, I eventually found the jar of gold. When Ken got home from school, I went to the gym, did my thing, came home, and look what I found-


Very creative, Ken. :) 

I walked out to the living room to look at Ken, and he had his book up in front of his face because he was smiling so much. I then filled up a glass of water and poured it on him. He then grabbed the sprayer and got me.

After the water fight died down, he said, “Well, I liked your April Fool’s Day joke.” I had been planning my joke for quite some time. I’ve been talking about the day that I could have buckeyes (you know, the chocolate peanut butter treats?) for a long time, and I mentioned that I was going to make them soon. Well, I laced one with beef bouillon  and thankfully Ken fell for the bait. 



He ate three bites out of the buckeye before realizing that it tasted rather salty.



Haha. Happy April Fool’s Day! :)

Lent Results

So today I had peanut butter for the first time in 40 days. It felt great. I must admit, there were numerous times that I desperately wanted peanut butter, but today it was kind of a let down. Not as good as I remembered. I guess I just built it up in my mind so much that it became unrealistic. Oh well, I’m excited that I will be getting a Georgia Mud Fudge Blizzard tomorrow. Oh yeah!

And Baby Kenny actually did great! I don’t think he has peed on me for at least a month. It’s either he’s getting better or I’m just getting faster. Either way, I’ll take it!

And Ken, well . . . here’s a picture that sums how his goal to not eat after 8:00 went-



Haha. Pretty funny.

The night before he came home from a trade show with three bags of M&M’s and put them all in this dish. Guess he got a little carried away at 4:00 in the morning.

Oh well. You try your best.


Happy Easter!