April Fool’s Day

Remember this post from last April Fool’s Day? So I knew that Ken was going to try to pull the ole’ rubber band on the sprayer in the kitchen joke since he has done it for the last two years. But to my surprise, when I got up in the morning it wasn’t there. I kept a close eye on everything throughout the day, but I didn’t see anything unusual besides the peanut butter missing, but alas, I eventually found the jar of gold. When Ken got home from school, I went to the gym, did my thing, came home, and look what I found-


Very creative, Ken. :) 

I walked out to the living room to look at Ken, and he had his book up in front of his face because he was smiling so much. I then filled up a glass of water and poured it on him. He then grabbed the sprayer and got me.

After the water fight died down, he said, “Well, I liked your April Fool’s Day joke.” I had been planning my joke for quite some time. I’ve been talking about the day that I could have buckeyes (you know, the chocolate peanut butter treats?) for a long time, and I mentioned that I was going to make them soon. Well, I laced one with beef bouillon  and thankfully Ken fell for the bait. 



He ate three bites out of the buckeye before realizing that it tasted rather salty.



Haha. Happy April Fool’s Day! :)


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