Punch Daddy in the Face

The most common adjective people use when they see Baby Kenny is that he is “alert”. They say that he seems to understand what’s going on and is very expressive. Well, let me tell you, he is very expressive when it comes to how much he likes his dad. My goodness he loves Ken! Baby Kenny will be fussing in my arms, and then Ken will walk into the room and it stops. Sometimes Kenny has trouble eating because he finds Ken so much more interesting. Kenny loves to stare at Ken and try to get his attention so they can smile and play with one another. It’s so cute. He will try so hard to get Ken’s attention, and once he does, he just lights up!

I don’t have a great video of them interacting, but I think that this video is pretty cute. Kenny was laughing really hard before I brought the camera out, but of course when he saw the camera, he stopped.

It’s going to be really hard when Ken goes to work full-time. Kenny will be devastated.

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