Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! I’ve had a great day so far with a big special breakfast and yummy caramel chocolate! (Plus a lot of diapers that I haven’t had to change.)

And you know what? I have one of the best moms in the world. Growing up you never really realize how much your mom does for you, but I was reminded of that just recently when my mom came out when Baby Kenny was born a few months ago. She did so much for me in those couple of weeks here. Moms are just the best, and I have the  best mom. Now that I’m a mother, it has really opened up my eyes to how much my mom did, and still does, for me. Like last night when Baby Kenny woke up every hour throughout the night. When that happened, I thought, “How many times did my mom do this for me?” And not only that, but I’m sure there are a million of things that my mom has done for me that I haven’t even realized. Well, being a mother has made me begin to realize all of the countless sacrifices. Mom, I’m sorry that I haven’t thanked you for all of those late night feedings, diapers you’ve changed, dinners you’ve made, and endless hours of whining. Sorry it has taken me becoming a mother to understand and recognize that. I truly appreciate your love and sacrifice. You’ve made me who I am, and I love you for all that you do.

Here’s a cute picture of my mom when she was a kid with her younger brother.


And you know what else? I have the best mom, but I also have the best mother-in-law. Whenever someone makes a joke about how bad mother-in-laws are, I honestly cannot relate at all. This woman is amazing. She is so kind and patient, and I have learned so much from her in the (almost) three years that I have known her. I am so grateful that we have lived so close to Ken’s parents these past few years so that I have had the chance to really get to know both of them. It’s nice to have a solid relationship with them since the chances of Ken and I moving back to Utah are slim. I can honestly say that I feel like Ken’s mom is another mom to me, and I feel comfortable enough to ask her for anything.

And here is a cute picture of Ken’s mom when she was younger. She is on the far left.

I love both of my moms, and I love being a mom for Baby Kenny.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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