This last week we took Baby Kenny on his first plane ride! Kid was a champ. After we landed and everyone was standing up, the people in front of us said, “Wow, there was a baby behind us the whole time?!? We had no idea!” Great job, Baby. FYI, Ken is watching the TV screen in front of him, which explains his intense look ;)

So where did we go on his first adventure? Texas to see Ken’s sister Marie and her family. We had so much fun!

One of the activities we did was the Dallas Zoo, and we mainly went so that the kids could have fun, but I loved it. It was so fun. I had forgotten how much fun the zoo is.

As you can see, I always dress my boys in matching clothes so I can find them. Ha, I kid. ‘Twas a coincidence.

As you can see from the pictures, we got up close and personal with some cheetahs and giraffes, which was pretty cool. Evelyn also got to ride a horse named Cleo. And of course, we just enjoyed spending time with one another.

We also went to the park together, which was a lot of fun!

And again, we’re all about matching, so Kenny and I both decided to wear stripes.

And then, of course, we played at the house which was a lot of fun! Have you ever tried Blue Bell Ice Cream? We may or may not have had some every night after the kids when down for bed.

Baby Kenny and Miss Anna are 4.5 months apart in age, and it was fun to see them interact with each other (which wasn’t as much as I thought because it seemed like when one was sleeping, the other was awake. Totally fine with that, though. Sleeping child=happy child)

Thanks Hinckleys for letting us spend time with you! We had a lot of fun. :)

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