4 Months

Wow, 4 months!

Things the little guy has been up to lately:

  • We have discovered that he has dimples. Not sure how that happened because both Ken and I do not have dimples, but somehow Little Kenny got them. Love when he smiles so big that they peak through.
  • He loves to suck on his fingers everything.
  • Oma just gave him a little stuffed dog, and he has really taken to it. This is the first toy that he has started to show preference to.
  • He likes to work out with his dad. Ken loves to use his “homemade” weights.

  • He has what we call “feet crevasses”. He can hide all sorts of goodies in these holes. Seriously, the picture doesn’t do it justice. They are huge!

  • He has become a distracted eater. He loves to just stare and laugh at Ken.
  • He has started to do excited squeals. They are adorable.
  • He loves to “hold on” to anything and everything with his right hand. It is so cute because it looks like he is worried about falling out.

  • Baby is becoming a bit chunky. Love the double chin action.


  • When we read our bedtime scripture story, he loves to scratch his fingers against the colorful pictures.

Overall, I say this boy is a keeper. Love him.

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