5 Months

IMG_2037IMG_2038 IMG_2041

  • Baby boy can sit, for the most part, by himself now. He loves to do it because he can play with his toys easier that way. He also loves tummy time now too because it’s easier to be in on the action of playing that way too.

    This was back when he was first learning how to sit. He can sit up straighter now, though.

    This was back when he was first learning how to sit. He can sit up straighter now, though.IMG_2043

  • He has his own crib that he sleeps in now! For the past five months, he has either slept in the bassinet or a pack-n-play because in our other apartment, we didn’t have enough room to set up the crib. And he also has his own room now! He wakes up less frequently (knock on wood), and I love it.


  • Down here in the South, people still comment on him being “alert” and “aware” but they also tend to say that he “bright eyes”.
  • He loves to smack his hand against things as hard as he can. I honestly worry that he will hurt his hands because he hits so hard. The other day he wanted to play with the apple bag (because he loves the sounds of bags. Oh, and the sounds of water bottles. He loves those, too.) so he was smacking his hands so hard on the apple bag that he bruised the apples.
  • He has begun to show interest in certain “toys”. He loves anything electronic. He loves banging his hands against the keyboard of computers and the piano. He also loves to look at the screens of the camera and any cell phone.
  • He also loves books. He will open and close the cover of books over and over. He gets so excited when it is time to read scriptures at night. He has started to make a big “ooohhhh” face while simultaneously kicking his feet and flapping his arms when he gets excited. When we put the scriptures away at night, he gets upset and cries.

  • He went swimming for the first time the other day. At first, he didn’t know what to think of it. He was just staring at the water making his “oohhhh” face. He eventually warmed up and enjoyed kicking his feet and flapping his arms in the water.


  • He is so curious about everything now! If I am holding him, and he sees something that he wants to explore, he will wiggle and squirm to try to reach it . . . even if I am standing and he sees something on the ground. It makes it difficult to hold him at times.
  • He wiggles, squirms, and rolls to get around.
  • He has begun to get into things that he shouldn’t. He found a pen today and managed to mark up his face. I was on the phone with someone when it happened, and when I looked down, I saw that he had 3 pen marks on his face and I couldn’t help but just crack up. That made it sort of awkward for finishing that phone conversation.


  • He likes to sleep on his side now. It’s super cute. Sometimes he even likes to cup his hand under his head while on his side. Sometimes after I put him down for the night, I just sit and watch him sleep for a bit. I love how peaceful and serene he looks while sleeping.


  • He has been doing this new smile thing. He will suck his lips in over his gums and then curl his lips up slightly. So super cute.IMG_2018
  • And just yesterday, he discovered a new sound that he can make and finds it very entertaining. It’s hard to describe the sound, but it is like a voicey-gasping-inhaling sound. He will inhale air and the “gasp” that sort of sounds like a honking duck. It usually makes him cough afterwards, but he doesn’t care. Last night he woke up at 4:00 am (he made it all the way from 9:30 pm to 4:00 am! Tender mercies!) and after I fed him and put him back down, he stayed awake for another ten minutes entertaining himself by “gasping” and then squealing and laughing. Funny guy.
  • He also thinks it’s super funny when we scare him. He loves when you look at him suddenly and say “Boo!” He laughs so hard when we do this.
  • He is able to stand with us just holding onto his hands.


  • He has started to get more hair . . . and I think it is coming in blonde, but that could just be me wanting that to happen.

2 thoughts on “5 Months

  1. Ahh!! He’s getting so big!!

    But I have to say that my favorite part of this post by far is the pic of you guys swimming. But I don’t like it because of you guys. I like it because of the lady in the background who is CLEARLY having the time of her life.

  2. Christine says:

    Thanks for sharing all these fun details! You will be so glad that you wrote this all down.
    Can’t wait to see you guys in August!

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