6 Months

Is it bad that I only post once a month and it’s always just an update of Kenny? Boring. I promise I’ll do more posts this week.




  • We have discovered that he is ticklish. Right under the arms. I am a mean mom and tickle him when he is doing tummy time. He is trapped that way because he has to leave his arms outstretched above his head.


  • He thinks it is really funny when I wiggle his pants off to change his diaper.
  • When he plays with toys, he will pick them up and drop them behind his head.

1045238_10151772296615850_293316845_n (1)

  • He loves to be a big boy and do what we do. He will watch us eat food and then he will make his jaw move up and down like he is chewing something. Also, if I am sitting at the piano with him on my lap and we are both “playing” he will continually play the keys that I am trying to play. If I switch to a different octave, then those keys become his new favorite. He also likes to pretend that he is drinking out of a straw. He will see us do it, then fuss, so we let him “get some too”.


  • The other day he sucked so hard out of a straw that he was actually able to get some water out. It scared him, and he spat it all down his front.
  • He loves to eat solid food! He has tried rice cereal, avocado, banana, peach, melon, and sweet potato. The sweet potato was, by far, his favorite. Whenever we eat any food around him, he gets really excited and tries to get it. The other day Ken was holding Kenny and eating a cookie, and Kenny grabbed the cookie and pulled it to his mouth super fast. He almost made it before Ken stopped him. He already knows that cookies are yummy. :)


  • And he has gotten better at “sleeping through the night”! Definitely my favorite thing that has happened this month. He will go to sleep at around 7:30 and typically get up at around 6:00 in the morning. Sometimes he will get up once in the middle of the night, but even that is way better than what he was doing before. So incredibly happy about this!
  • Oh boy, and this kid and reaching. He has to constantly be doing something all. the. time. When he eats, he has to be hitting my book, playing with my hair, scratching my arm, pulling my shirt, etc.
  • He understands our bedtime routine now. We typically will change his diaper, put him in PJs, get a few good laughs out of him, read scriptures, say prayers, and then I will feed him and put him down. As soon as we sit in the rocking chair to read scriptures, he turns to the book and waits for us to grab it. The other night he wouldn’t eat and go to sleep because the routine got messed up. Usually when I feed him and put him down, I will read a book and he will just smack the book while eating. However, that night I was trying out my new cell phone so I wasn’t reading. He through a fit. It took me a while to figure out what was wrong.
  • The new thing that people like to comment on is how when we are holding him, he always keeps his arms up and out. Not sure why he tenses up like this.


  • We have started to give him baths in the tub.
  • He has started trying to crawl.
  • He will scoot around on his back.
  • And I love the below picture because it looks like his hand is on his hip like he is giving you sass.





And then this picture is just too cute, so I have to share it.


Love these two!


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