Bath time

Last night when we gave Kenny a bath, he loved it! He was just splashing up a storm. Which was fitting since we had a strong storm last night that resulted in a Tornado Warning. I was pretty upset and worried, but Ken wasn’t fazed at all. He continued to play his “geeetaaar” (aka guitar but said with a southern accent). Thankfully the funnel cloud stayed about 30 minutes away from us and didn’t touch down.

Anyway, yeah baby. He loved bath time last night. We have taken him swimming quite a few times, and he likes to splash, but he doesn’t like when the water gets up in his face, and his arms aren’t long enough for him to be able to splash in a pool without the water getting in his face. That’s why the bath tub works so well.


<<every kid has to have the embarrassing bath tub shot, right?>>


He was splashing so much that we all had to dry off afterwards. Oh yeah, and as you can see in the above picture, I got my hair chopped. I got bangs and 12 ish inches cut off. I love it. It takes at least 1/4 of the time to dry and style. Plus, with the humidity down here, I really couldn’t manage long hair. Frizz galore.


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