Two Years in the Making


When Ken and I were engaged, we were trying to find furniture that was cheap but fairly decent to put in our soon-to-be unfurnished apartment. Ken’s sister, Suzanne, helped us by looking on KSL’s used furniture listings (thanks again!). She found a nice couch for $35. After getting lost for 45 minutes, we finally got to the house to pay and pick up the couch. The guy who was selling it to us found out that we were soon-to-be newlyweds, and so he gave us the couch for free. Yes, free. 

With the couch came some pretty worn (and filthy) pillows that clashed terribly with our loveseat pillows. But it was free, right? So we had no room to complain.

For the past two years, I’ve had recovering the pillows on my to-do list. And guess what? I finally got around to doing them!


I got the red fabric from the remnants section at the craft store for $6 a yard. The patterned pillows I got at a thrift store for $2 each. Love it! Makes it all the better.


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