8 Months

^^^His shirt it so true!^^^



^^^Can see his patience gradually fading between the 3 pictures?^^^

You know how last month I said that Kenny and I had nap schedule down pretty well? And how I said that I shouldn’t write it down in internet ink because I was going to jinx myself? Yep. that happened.

Actually this month has been a pretty hard month. Kenny has gotten so excited about his surroundings that it is hard for him to nurse because he gets distracted so easily. It has really thrown everything off. His solid food eating, his naps, and him sleeping at night. (He has been acting like a little newborn with how much he has been getting up at night. For the people who see me on a regular basis, I bet my appearance makes more sense now. *Rubs eyes.*)

Though it has been kind of hard (read: really hard and extremely frustrating), it has been fun with how much more interactive and mobile he has been. He scoots/rolls/semi-crawls all over now.


^^^Here he scooted all the way from the living room, through the dining room, into the kitchen, and lost his pants in the process. ^^^


^^^When people said that when they become mobile they “get under your feet”, I didn’t think they meant literally.^^^


^^^Kenny can get up to a sitting position by himself now. This is a picture of one of the many (many!) times he refused to take a nap this last month.^^^


^^^In these 2 pictures Kenny was playing with his toys in his room. Now all of his toys have been taken out of his room to help lessen the distractions.^^^


^^^And Kenny went to a playground for the first time! To be honest, it was really anticlimactic. Ken and I were way more excited than he was.^^^

And this next picture is my favorite picture of the month. Unfortunately it turned out blurry, but you can still get the gist of how excited, happy, and proud he was because he sat up on his own.


^^^Hunched shoulders, huge grin, squeal of delight. See what I mean?^^^

3 thoughts on “8 Months

  1. Kennedy Hansen says:

    Rachel! Christian is doing the exact same thing now! All the sudden he’s waking up like three times a night! I’m dying! I hope your situation gets better too :) He’s adorable p.s. :)

  2. 1. the pants-less picture: I died.
    2. When I woke up this morning, I was like “Hmm, it’s the 17th. I hope Rach blogs about Kenny being 8 months old.” Like, not a joke. I need to get a life. ha.

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