The Proposal

So whenever something happens around here lately, Ken says that I need to “document it for our posterity” because we print out a yearly blog book. Not a lie, half of the time the reason why I write on this blog is so that it can be printed out for that book. I love looking through our previous years’ books.

So anyway, three years ago from today Ken proposed to me. I already wrote about how he proposed a while back, but I left out a few tidbits. So here it is for the future posterity. Here is the complete story of how Ken proposed to me.

Ken and I met June-ish 2010. He asked me on our first date for the weekend of July 4, but I had to say no because I was going out-of-town (he still hasn’t let me forget about that). Thankfully, he didn’t lose his courage because we “became official” or we started “dating exclusively” (I’m trying to make sure that I’m not using too much lingo for the future posterity. How are they going to say it in the future? We became a “thang?” Anyway, I digress.) or we became boyfriend/girlfriend on August 5, 2010. Ken proposed October 5, 2010, and we got married on December 18, 2010. (Yes, it was quite a whirlwind and things happened very fast. And for the record, future posterity, that’s not normal, and we have been told that numerous times by various people. It is a cliche BYU engagement story that I swore would never happen to me- meet someone and marry them less than 6 months later. Oh well, I would do it all again if I could.)

So Ken proposing to me actually caused our first fight. Romantic, right?

Ken proposed on a Tuesday, but the Sunday before he proposed we were at a church function. Someone asked if there was any “good news” to share. No one really shared anything, and so Ken said under his breath that I would have good news to share next week. Of course, I wasn’t just going to let that comment slide, so I pressured and pressured him to tell me what he meant. He finally caved with the caveat that “I could not tell anyone especially my roommates.” Unfortunately my ears turned off once I heard that he was going to tell me his secret, so I do not remember promising said caveat.

So Ken told me he was going to propose sometime during the week, and my squealing and excitement began. When I went back to my place, the secret was out within 5 seconds of me returning to my roommates. Ken got really bummed that his secret was out and the surprise was ruined, and our “fight” ensued. It was more like a “hey, you promised not to tell. That kind of bummed me out.” sort of thing. Not like a real fight or anything.

So I apologized and things were back dandy.

He told me that he wanted to take me out for a date on Tuesday and to “come hungry” (which, let’s be honest, he didn’t need to tell me to come hungry because I am always hungry). So I figured that he was going to pop the question on Tuesday, but everything else was a surprise. The wild-goose-chase, the romantic spot, the lovely dinner, etc. It was absolutely perfect.


And here we are three years later with a kid. Still boggles my mind. Here’s to many, many more! :)


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