9 Months


Baby boy hates to lie on his back now, so this was the best picture I could get of him lying down under the blocks.

Don’t believe me?



So this is how we have to do diaper changes now days-


Haha as you can see in the picture, Kenny still isn’t very happy about lying on his back for the diaper change. Even with a book, and he LOVES books. Seriously. This kid and books. He loves to get into our bookshelves and pull all of the books off the shelves and look through them like you would for a flip book. He will just run his thumb on the side of the pages as they whip by and he will do it over and over and over. I love that he loves books, though.

But anyway, 9 months? Where has the time gone? He has almost lived longer than he was in my tummy. Crazy! Also, we realized the other day that Kenny has lived longer in South Carolina than he has in Provo. So weird.

So what have we been up to this month?


As you can see in the above picture, little guy can now pull himself up to standing. I about had a heart attack when I walked into his room after a nap and saw him doing this! Don’t worry, I lowered the crib mattress right after I discovered this.

He is also walking along the couch, too.



^^^I push things that I don’t want him to get towards the back of the couch, so he is constantly trying to reach for them. He figured out today that if he stands on my book that he can reach some fun toys. I love how smug he looks in the picture.^^^

And now that the weather has cooled off here in South Carolina, we have been playing outside a lot more. Seriously, I love it! For all of those summer months that I complained to Ken how hot it was, he would always say, “It will be worth it in the fall when it cools off.” Well, he was right. (And I did just admit that in writing ;)


^^^I love this picture! Kenny doesn’t like to touch the grass, but he got so excited to explore the tree that he forgot and started crawling on the grass and then got stuck. Haha he looks like a beached whale.^^^

And he is getting more hair now! I am almost, sort of, kinda able to part his hair to the side. The color of the hair is still debatable . . . or maybe I’m just in denial. ;)


And then, here’s a picture of him being super excited and happy-


Love this kid.


4 thoughts on “9 Months

  1. Tracey says:

    I was waiting for you to post his 9 month update today! Haha. I love the picture of him looking at his book–so cute. The picture of him on the grass made me laugh so hard. And I do think his hair looks kind of blonde in those pictures!

  2. Christine says:

    I just wanted to say that little Kenny looks a lot like his dad’s baby pictures, especially in the “smug” picture.
    He is such a handsome little fellow!

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