9 Month Addendum


So I forgot to put some milestones in the 9 month post. Silly me.

First, Baby Kenny has 2 teeth now. Down on the bottom. He got a fever of 102.4 degrees two weeks ago before the teeth popped through. He actually did really well when the teeth actually cut through, though! That day it happened he was completely normal . . . but close after that everything hit the fan. His schedule just went out the door. Poor little guy. He went a stretch of four days with zero naps. As hard as I tried, I could not get him to sleep. It was baaaad.

Three nights ago was the worst night Baby Kenny has ever had. He woke up at 2:30 AM and nursed, which is normal, but then he would not go back to sleep. We tried everything! He just kept crying. Finally, at 5:00 AM Ken was able to rock Kenny to sleep. Ken was methodically sitting/sleeping on the couch so that whenever Kenny would cry out, Ken could just rock him back to sleep. Kenny slept until 6:00 AM.

Hero status right there.

Things are on the up, though! Kenny is currently napping right now (YES!), and I got close to 7 hours of sleep last night (not consecutive, but you take what you can, ya know?).

Also, I failed to mention that Kenny is crawling now. His main form of transportation was scooting, and he was so fast at it! I really didn’t think he would crawl because scooting was working so well for him, but he decided to start crawling.

At his 9 month check-up the other day, he was sitting up on the exam table, and then all of a sudden he started crawling towards the edge. The doctor nearly didn’t catch him. She said, “Wow, he’s fast!” (I included this tidbit of info for you, Dad. Where did he learn to crawl so fast? ;)

Kenny also claps now. So cute. He knows that we like it when he claps, so he will clap, look at us, and smile/laugh.

And just today Kenny crawled to me with a book, stood up, handed me the book, and tried to crawl into my lap so that we could read the book together. Gah, melts my heart.

Really, this is such a great age! I love how active and fun Kenny is. Currently on my bathroom mirror there is a slimy pizza handprint from him (blog post to come). I look at that small little hand, and I get so sentimental. I know that I am going to miss these days. Tickle fights, dancing to music, sitting on my lap reading books, kissies, nice loud raspberries, playing peek-a-boo. If I could freeze time, I would.

Also, for the first time in his whole life he willingly snuggles with me. Maybe it’s just because of how bad his mouth hurts, but I will take it. Having his head rest on my shoulder, nuzzled in just right, makes my heart burst with love. Life is great. :)


^^^Trying so hard to get his hood off. Haha^^^

One thought on “9 Month Addendum

  1. Christine says:

    I love how much he loves books!
    And I laughed when I read the part about the hand print on the mirror. I left up small Cosette handprints on her bathroom mirror until I was forced to wash it off when we put our condo on the market.

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