For FHE on Monday, Ken picked up a pizza from Papa Johns (best chain pizza there is), and we had a picnic outside. Baby Kenny wanted to join in on the fun too, so we broke up some little pieces that he could eat. That was not good enough for him, though. He wanted his own big piece.


He basically just ate the cheese and sauce off. A little bit of the crust was eaten, but what was left of the pizza was mostly just a slimy wad of dough. Appetizing.

Watching a baby trying to eat a full slice of pizza is quite amusing. It makes for some great entertainment, plus I got to watch with some really great company. :)


Love these two.

One thought on “Pizza!

  1. Tracey says:

    Haha so funny! I love when they start wanting to eat everything you eat. So cute. We have had Papa Johns a couple times lately too. Little Ceasar’s just doesn’t cut it when Papa Johns is an option!

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