Alarm Clocks and Races

You know that Seinfeld episode where the Olympic racer missed his qualifying race for the Olympics because his alarm clock’s volume was set too low? And then Jerry obsesses over him not missing his next race so he sets like a million alarms, but Kramer blows the electricity with his massive hot tub so all of the alarms don’t go off?

Well that totally describes this morning . . . except I didn’t have a ton of alarm clocks. I actually didn’t set any alarms. I was totally depending on Kenny to wake me up at the usual time, but my Kenny alarm clock didn’t go off.

We somehow made it to my 5K race on time, though!

Seriously, not quite sure how we made it on time.


^^^This picture was literally taken seconds before the race started. That’s how close we were cutting it.^^^


^^^And here are the ladies I ran the race with! So fun!^^^


^^^As you can see, I was #1 in the race!!! . . . that is, #1 for bib number, not placement.^^^


^^^And here are my cute fans that made it out on such a cold day.^^^

So moral of the story is that if you want Kenny to sleep in, tell yourself that he is going to be your alarm clock for a specific time you need to get up in the morning. Reverse psychology. They tell me it works all the time.


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