11 Months


Yep. Little man, little man. Eleven months.

Here is what he has been up to lately:

  • When something exciting happens (or he hears clapping), he will clap his hands and say, “Yea!”
  • He is a climber. He loves to climb into, onto, over, under, etc. Sometimes when I am sitting on the floor and my legs are slightly bent, he will see the small space between my legs and the floor and lunge forward so he can crawl under.

^^^Stuck after he climbed into the basket under the stroller.^^^

  • He has started to let us know better if he doesn’t want something. He will wave his hands back and forth and swipe it away . . . like the Lowe’s lady the other day. She wanted to hold him, and he was NOT feeling it, but lady did not pick up on that vibe initially. *Waves hands, turns head, SWIPE*
  • We have been getting asked a lot if Kenny ever cries. Every time I laugh when I hear this, and I tell them to please come and experience nap time with me. Ha, no but really he isn’t normally sad when we go out in public. It’s like his favorite thing. Seriously, if he is being randomly super fussy, we go outside and walk around, and he loves it. He is so quick to give everyone smiles.
  • Oh and dogs! He loves dogs. When we go on walks, and he sees a dog, he gets so excited. Even when the dog is barking super loud, which totally surprises me that he doesn’t get upset by that considering he still doesn’t like the blender or the vacuum because they are too loud.
  • He also dances. He will do a little bob up and down. It’s super cute when he is standing on my lap playing the piano, sticking his butt way up in the air to reach the keys, and then he starts dancing. Butt bouncing in my face haha.
  • His favorite game to play is “chase”. Ken will say, “Kennnnnnyyyyyy”, which is code word for “GAME ON!” Kenny will do a little squeal and b-line for my arms. Ken will then hide around a corner, Kenny will go investigate where Ken went, Ken will jump out, start chasing him, and into my arms baby goes again. I love it. We do it over and over and over. So fun.
  • Lastly, Kenny has started to be more “silly”. He does things now that he knows are silly and fun and will make him/me/us laugh. Just today we were putting socks on our heads like headbands, and at first he took off his sock, but then he saw mine on my head, so we put it back on his head, and we just laughed at each other back and forth.

Also, Christmas time has become so much more fun now that we have a baby. It’s fun to see him interact with presents for the first time, to see Santa, and to look at the Christmas lights. I bet it’s only going to get better and better.

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