Kenny’s First Birthday

So even though I am writing about this super late, we did in fact celebrate Kenny’s Birthday!

He got a lot of presents (books, clothes, quiet picture book, etc.) We decided to splurge and get him a helium balloon. (Ha, we got him a few other things too, but whenever we are at the store and he sees a balloon, he always reaches for it and wants to play with it. Don’t worry, it was a hit.)

We also did the whole give a huge cake to a baby and watch him devour and smear it everywhere thing. We set him all up, got the camera, and each had our phones out as well in case we needed to document the awesome mess from multiple angles. (Kind of like that one time Stacy I were able to document stuff from two angles because she gave me her old camera since she had gotten a new one for Christmas. Right after she gave it to me, we started video taping each other while dancing in a circle saying “look! I’m videoing you.” “haha I’m videoing you, too!” and while we were dancing in a circle, arms were thrown in glee, and I dropped the brand new-to-me camera on the ground and it broke. Best Christmas present I’ve ever had for 30 seconds. Ha. It’s actually a really funny video. Anyway, I digress. Unto the main guy of the post, Kenny.)

Yes, so then we let him at that awesome blue mound of a cake.



It was very anticlimactic.

As you can see, he hesitantly touched the blue frosting with his hand, realized it was sticky, and just got hung up on that. He kept on looking at his sticky hand and would open and close it with a puzzled look on his face. I don’t think he liked the stickiness. (Even though he has a real knack for making messes! Like all the time. He got into the greasy bike chain again today for the million bajillionth time. Sneaky little one.)


Don’t worry he did eat cake, though. We just fed it to him (and ate way too much ourselves in the process.)

Overall, it was a fun night! :)

And now for a photo comparison-

Kenneth - one year old - April 22, 1989

Here’s Ken on his one-year-old Birthday. As you can see, he wasn’t as hesitant. Do you think they look similar?


12 Months


Finally. Here’s the update of what Kenny has been up to this last month.

  • To sum it up, basically everything! He is into everything lately. I feel like it has been harder with each month he has gotten older to keep the house clean, but this month I feel like we jumped up a few notches. Food throwing, food crushing, and food scattering are a few of his favorites. He likes to hide various objects in random places, and knock over as much as he can. Destruction seems to be his favorite thing. I bet this will only get worse, but he sure is keeping me on my toes! :)
  • We have gotten better at understanding one another. He signs “milk” and “more” now. He also says “hi”, “dada”, “mama”, “ruff ruff” (whenever he sees a dog), “uh oh”, “roar” (for lions), “yea”, and “aw”. Most of these words just came about within the last week or so. All of a sudden I realized that he does understand me, and he is trying to communicate. It’s been nice because I have been able to reason with him. (On a minuscule one-year-old level. AKA no you cannot eat metal screws, stick your fingers into red wax and smear it everywhere, or touch the bike chain and get grease all over yourself and everything else that is white in the house. We’re still working on some of that, though ;)

^^^Here Kenny is helping me “make” cinnamon rolls aka snitch the sugar/cinnamon mixture.

  • He has started to refuse to sit in his high chair. He is able to wiggle himself out, and then he stands and rocks the chair back and forth so that it goes up and down on 2 legs. He usually ends up sitting in one of our laps to eat or just on a regular chair next to us.

^^^Playing outside with a stick and a rock he found. Life is the best! :)

  • He has 4 teeth now.

^^^Showing off his teeth.

  • He does things to be funny and silly. He likes to stick out his tongue and wiggle it around while making a silly noise. He also like to put random stuff on the top of his head to be silly. Socks are one of his favorites.

^^^Making a silly face.

  • Kenny has been sick before with colds and a few fevers, but 2 weeks ago was the worse sickness he has had so far. It really drained him of energy, and it was hard to see him so sad. For 2 days all he wanted to do was snuggle with me. Turns out that he had a double ear infection. Thankfully he’s all better now, but he was a bit sick on his birthday.

^^^Not feeling well.

Kenny sure is a joy in our lives! We’ve loved every bit of these last 12 months!

And, of course, a picture to wrap up the post. Here’s a cute picture of a baby sleeping-


I guess I need to stop calling him a baby now that he is a year. Don’t think I’m quite ready for that, though. :)


Guys, guess what? I was coherent enough to remember a sleep talking story last night. I forgot to tell Ken about it this morning before he left for work so this will be the first time he has heard about it. But that’s the best way to find out what you did in the middle of the night, right? Reading it on the Internet? Ha.

So on with the embarrassing story! Last night Ken suddenly sat up and started making a hissing sound which eventually turned into the word “ssssssssssssseriously”. He then started shaking his finger around and scolding the pretend crowd while saying “if you are going to play that joke on me, I’m going to punch you in the face!” While still wagging his finger, speaking in that harsh demanding tone he said, “you know, a funny. HAHA.” (But said in a way that was not at all a laugh. More like trying to explain a joke to the crowd that was about to get punched in the face.) He then said, “I will punch you in the face!”

In the middle of the night when this happens (at least once a week), I typically don’t have much patience for it because he has woken me up. I usually don’t think it is funny until the next morning. So anyway, to get him to stop yelling at these pretend jokesters so I could go back to sleep, I elbowed him, and he kind of pulled away like I hurt him, laid down, and went back to sleep.

So moral of the story is that if Ken ever threatens to “seriously punch you in the face!”, just elbow him, and he will back down.

One Year Older and Wiser Too

Here it is. The recap of the monthly pictures. I’ll post updates of what’s been going on with Kenny as well as eating of the cake another day. Gotta enjoy my Friday night by hanging with the hubby instead.



I love looking at how his personality seems to grow with each month. I especially love the 4 to 5 month change. Love this kid. Love the joy he brings to my life. Love that I am his mom. I am trying my hardest to love that he is a year old. (I will admit that I did cry last night.) Time flies. It’s so cliché, but I feel like I just blinked and now he is a year. I am trying to just enjoy every moment with this kid and to not be sad that he is growing up.

New Favoritest

Ken always jokes with me that I call too many things the “best thing ever” and “my favorite”. He says that I have too many favorite meals, desserts, movies, places to hang out, etc. In his mind favorite means one, used sparingly. I use it more liberally for whatever I deem to be especially delicious, fun, or exciting at the moment.

Well yesterday we found our new favorite restaurant. Ever ever ever.

Remember this post? Well we didn’t go the next day (closed on New Year’s blah), but it was worth the wait! Even Ken agrees with me that it was delicious and a new favorite.


^^^Here’s the appetizer we got. It was crab dip. Delicious!


^^^And we both got salmon. It was salmon with a cranberry walnut chutney, squash, and broccoli. Yum!


^^^And then we both got dessert and shared. Ken got a milky way cake, and I got heath cheesecake. I can’t even explain how good this was. Gah, dying just thinking about it.



Look at these two cute guys! Always fun to go out with these two, especially in the middle of the work week! It’s a nice way to break up the week and have some fun.


All across the South and the eastern part of the US we are experiencing a “polar vortex” aka unusually cold weather. We haven’t been hit too bad here in SC, but it is funny to see everyone’s reactions. Yesterday the low was 9 degrees with a wind chill of 0. We had no chance of snow, but they still delayed school by 2 hours! What? Haha. That is the normal temperature for many states in the US. Pretty sure everyone just wanted to extend Christmas break a little longer.

And to try to combat the cold weather in this not-so-well insulated apartment, Ken came up with a genius plan. (Seriously though the apartment is ridiculous. We are talking major drafts around doors because the doors are whack. There is so much space around the door frame that I’ve seen a beetle crawl inside.. )


Yes those are socks stuffed in between the door. So if you see us walking around with mismatched socks the next few days, you’ll know why.

Hello 2014!

Time to ring in the new year!

We didn’t have a ton of plans for New Year’s Eve because Ken had to work, but we went out to dinner with some friends in the evening. We went here-


Yep, Mellow Mushroom. It’s a favorite of the locals, and it is exactly like the name sounds. Vegan entrees, hipster decorations, and edgy lighting/colors. We totally fit in because we are soooooo hipster, ya know?

Ha, no not at all. But they really do have good pizza! Ken and I shared a pesto pizza. As we all know, you can put pesto on any food and it makes it ten times more delicious, so of course this pizza didn’t stand a chance of making it home for leftovers.

After dinner we went home and put Kenny down and tried to find the perfect movie to ring in the new year. After several failed attempts (movies not available, free rentals not working, google chrome not working) and our confidence in our ability with technology a bit shaken, we decided to settle with the movie Clue. Ken had seen it before, but I hadn’t. Overall, I thought it was pretty funny.

We then did the whole martinelli toast at midnight and called it a night.

The next day we had a lot of time to reflect on the year. 2013 was a really good year for our small family. Kenny was born, we graduated college, we moved across the country, and Ken started his first job. We feel so blessed and appreciative of our many opportunities and this fun adventure we are having here in South Carolina. Some days it is hard to not have any family nearby (ugh like when I was sick a few weeks ago), but overall we are really enjoying ourselves. We have learned a lot living here in the South. Even though I grew up in a big city, I have never lived this close to poverty before. It is really humbling to see people struggle to get the basics- food, a home, heat, clothing, safety, etc. We’ve had many eye-opening experiences, and I think it has been good for us to see these struggle and to try to learn to be more grateful and humble.

Most of all, I feel like in 2013 I have learned the most about myself. Becoming a mother has really helped me learn who I am, and the important role I have raising this little one with Ken. Motherhood has made me confront some of my weaknesses and helped me learn to just try my best everyday. It has helped me realize again and again that no one is perfect (especially me) and that’s okay. I have learned to take one day at a time and to enjoy the here and the now. I know that little Kenny thinks the world of me, and it doesn’t really matter if the dishes don’t get done for the day. Or the vacuuming. Or the laundry. Or if we are eating pancakes for dinner for the third time this week.

God has entrusted Ken and I with this little spirit and raising him truly is the most important thing. The joy Kenny has brought us this year truly is immeasurable. I am grateful for 2013 and the happiness it has brought my family and I.

I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for us! I can tell it’s going to be a good year. :)